My First shared orgasm – (… and my Last post here for a while)

1- First time ever I remember my first experience of sexual pleasure by other's hands with absolute clarity (which is not surprising, since everybody tends to remember well things alike). It began quite directly, with a cold hand on my penis, fingers inspecting it and soon stroking it, while I was coming out of sleep. … Continue reading My First shared orgasm – (… and my Last post here for a while)

Plain, homely eroticism as a consolation and remedy – Four samples in four hues

I posted this entry in 2016 on my first blog, and now I feel that the featured models in it deserve another chance (aside of another, more open-minded audience).
I know (or knew) two of these three girls, and I loved both of them. Not just because they were pretty; but because they were good and, in fact, wonderful.
One of them –the slimmest and tallest, shown on the header– was my late sister; God bless her ! 💜 T’aves baxtali, kamlijo.


As far as I can recall, I began to feel a conscious attraction for human bodies around me very early in life, quite before puberty. I only knew in some detail (not much, but at least wholly) the bodies of my closest relatives: parents, sister; and a couple of friends from school. It didn’t matter if they were masculine or feminine or uncertain –or poorly defined, given the short age of some of us–; I liked them and this drove me to like my own body as well.

Showing our nudity or not is an election we have, and a very fair one. At my home, nudity was not a taboo or something to be ashamed about; I could stay naked after sharing a bath with my mother, as she herself did, or play naked in the garden or sleep naked like my parents and my sister did, and thus…

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