Portrait in three lights – from “elvish” to hellish

Today I have been digitally drawing over another very ordinary photo (of which you may see a small portion in the heading) –not at all good, but chosen because I like the general posture and the gesture of the hands, caught just a second before lifting the skirt of the dress. There was no undercloth below, so I am not sure if I will dare to post the following photos –not even overdrawn like these here.

The nice effect of the electric light (it was near midnight) in areas of the body, after changing the original colours into some elvish-green and a very marine turquoise-blue, pleases me, and this justifies the post. I add as well a half-reddish, half purplish mod –not as appealing as the others, but more close to the model’s mood back then.

Furthermore, I frankly think the soft “S” traced by her body is rather cute; the body itself looked tall, slender and rather cute in this particular shot.

The fragment of painting that appears in the upper right corner (barely distinguishable after the editing) is a beatiful oil by a very good Catalan painter, depicting pink and red “clavells” (I think they are called “carnations” in English). The painting belonged to my parents, I have seen it all of my life, and I will post a clear pic of it soon on some of my blogs 🙂




dsc00464-grey-shortie-dress traz past 28-14-106-10 t+45s+4 ret

Half-hellish, half-heavenly coloured figure amidst old furniture


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5 thoughts on “Portrait in three lights – from “elvish” to hellish

    • Kisses back to you, John ✨ !
      As far as I recall, I have to agree about some friskiness then. Photographer and model were exchanging signals (and words) of imminent “attack”. Just two pictures were shot after this one and both demonstrate the model was very ready (already in that quiter previous moment, in fact) 😉

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