More ordinary portraits from better times

Better times than now about health, liveliness and ardour; rather worse regarding my freedom and my innermost feelings, more menaced back then.

I have been tempted to photoshop that cut and slightly inflamed lower lip, but I have finally seen it adds something interesting to the expression –sweet, but also reluctant and a bit helpless– and, of course, the actual feelings, as far as I can recall them.

(There is something more in that glance –further darkened after painting the pic blue– that I cannot grasp now; maybe it was some wish or explicit request of something I never obtained.)


At home 012 - Dark and blue

At home – cropped portrait in blue


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4 thoughts on “More ordinary portraits from better times

    • Thank you very much, again for your support, John ❤ (I think I was looking at a nice painting on the wall, across the drawing room; just this; but I was really yearning for something I did not had then and I do not have now).
      Kiiiiss ❤

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  1. I must agree with John – you look as if there was something beautiful just beyond your grasp, that you feel as if you can *almost* touch. I’d like to see you get a hold of that dream.


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