Puzzled feelings and serious doubts about a well-told story


A full cartoon this time, telling a story in the limits of decency, good taste and free-will. But they are real facts that I have witnessed directly (sometimes quite similar facts; sometimes quite worse) and also been told many times by peers and acquaintances.

The cartoon is very good. Well told, neatly and skilfully drawn, witty, funny, light-hearted enough to make it readable and, for some, enjoyable –it may be very hot too, both for predators and preys (including I as a prey; so I’m not kidding: I know it, I may like it and I may hate it; but it turns me on identifying with the abused Billy-“pet-femboy”).

My major concern, not being from the USA, is the possible implicit racism throughout the tale; mostly in the jargon these men speak, with so many mistakes (not just the slang they use). I feel it might make them vulgar and uneducated; perhaps gross. But it could well be an inoffensive, funny depiction of a way of talking that I have heard often in American films, when black, humble-class persons are featured. I do not really know. (If some American reader appreciates this is offensive or, maybe, racist, please tell me and I will delete the whole post.)

Said all this, and much beyond some obvious exaggerations, I have read the cartoon thrice, trying to be well inside the skin and mind of this Billy, and I tend to think all is OK, actual and funny –and sexy…  Moreover, aside of personal experiences, the “femboy” here reminds me of a close person I knew, and all her contradictory (so good and so bad!) experiences with big, rude and abusing studs. – Last but not least: in this person’s place, I would have been (as he says) scared, but liking all the mess in the end –and perhaps all the while, from the very beginning. 🙂




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