Chained and plugged (rewritten, with some apologies)

I posted these pictures for a while yesterday. The text was different and included a kind of poll or, in fact, a long questioning to my readers. Very soon I realized it was an abuse to ask so many questions, so private…, and I returned the post to a draft to remake today. I duly apologize to anybody who received the notification by any means and then could not read the post. I am sorry.

To clarify this, I was wondering how many among my occasional followers have had an experience of bondage… In particular, of being bound for sex-play; more in particular, of being left tied on a bed or couch or the floor, with a dildo vibrating inside the butt-hole… for as long as necessary to orgasm (or beyond). But I won’t ask now what I childishly did yesterday 🙂

(Of course, if someone still wants to try to explain me how on earth an independent, proud person, lover of freedom and independence may like (as I do) being bound, submitted, and even somewhat abused for the sake of sexual pleasure, I would like a lot to listen and learn, because I am still having a serious dilemma about this; my body and mind want and seek for something that displeases (even frontally collides with) some of my ethical principles.

I add three drawings depicting a pertinent situation (shown here with and without visual deprivation; with and without some fetishist (relevant to me!) attire) to try to help you to feel like this person, who is already coming off in her submissive play.

I have submitted myself to this (sometimes, directly asking it) once and again in my live, but I don’t yet understand why I want it and enjoy it so much.




[Oh!, the nice hot drawings come from one most talented girl, whose name I ignore. I found her work in “My Boy Is A Cross” on Tumblr, but not any valid reference about the author-neither her name nor her provenance. I am still too dizzy now to search better and give more details of her. I will amend this a.s.a.p.]

Best regards to you all ! 💐  ✨


2 thoughts on “Chained and plugged (rewritten, with some apologies)

    • Yep. I’m aware of it 🙂 I have had ups and downs, and often doubts, with respect to BDSM practices, which, in fact, I like 😉
      Thanks for stoping by and commenting ✨


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