Gender freedom for youth, and everybody else – with some help from Manga

When I was a young teen, I wished -and tried- to follow this feminine trend. I could have made it, but I had to restrain for the sake of a beloved person who needed it much more. I mean, I made my shy tries into femininity (clothes and cute stuff), but I did not seriously pursue that goal until much later, as an adult.

Still, any time I see good pics of teen boys in overtly feminine attire and attitude, enjoying the relative freedom they have nowadays, I feel a deep satisfaction (but a deep longing too; content for them and sadness for me, who had to hide away the girl I mostly was inside).

All these Manga (including Shota, Yaoi, Kawaii and, generally speaking, Hentai) characters are of course, genetic boys, but free to dress, express and love (and be loved!!) as they need. That’s good indeed, because, in many places in Europe, North America, Israel, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, parts of Polynesia… any boy of, let’s say, fourteen years-old, or of course less, may play in a park or go to a party wearing skirts, cute sandals and stockings, bath in a pool or beach with a bikini, etc. without being immediately chastised, humiliated or even aggressed.

There is much mocking and bullying still now (and, yes, many countries in the world are deadly for transgender people), but times are changing and I am thankful of it, for my younger peers and for me.

Anyway, already in my forties I love this style and, while I keep being slim and in good shape, I will dress like this, whatever others speak of me (some speak shit…, but then, when I know about it, my skirts become shorter and my heels, higher and my stockings, more colourful :)) I confess my feelings are mixed; half pride, half uneasiness and, at whiles, some annoyance (and some fear, when a person –always a man– calls me a bad name), but nobody will ever change my mind.








2 thoughts on “Gender freedom for youth, and everybody else – with some help from Manga

  1. I’m glad you like the pics (and again a bit alleviated by it, for the matter we have commented sometimes). I always identify with all these trans or gender-variant teens and kids. In this case, if I was 14 again, I would chose the looks and style of the last illustration; I still do love to wear shorts with stockings :))

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