Naughty Gallery #8 – “A first cage for a young cutie”


Here I present another cute and hot little story with a young t-girl already known on this blog 🙂



tumblr_p3q3epKWX71w3iow4o4_r1_1280 +br+c

A first cage for a cutey (5)




All pictures come again from the page Digital Pixelography on Tumblr. I’ve edited them to nicer hues and a sharper contrast (to my taste), and also I cropped a message written in the sixth to make this post wider-spirited and well open to all kind of readers (I mean it was directed to sissy slaves, and many femboys and t-girls are not into Dom, even if they may use a cage – like I do for my personal purposes, which are neither chastity nor humiliation nor submission to anybody).

As always I add my personal touch of spiritual royal blue – this time only in the last image. Registered & Protected  ZR1Q-9QGU-ACTU-HBIS

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