Naughty Gallery #7 – “Big stuff & small stuff – Great prospects”


[Again, I beg you to read –as a necessary foreword– my page (On Shotacon and Me) about this kind of Manga and my particular affection to it. It is important to me that you understand why it strikes a deep fibre in my mind (and, of course, my body); not a paedophilic one, but just the other way round. Obviously there is neither shame nor guilt to like older men when you are a pubescent boy, girlish or not (I am not one anymore, but naturally I was in a time, and I often fantasized with older boys and even grown men).]


All three “photos” come from the page Digital Pixelography on Tumblr. I’ve edited them again to better contrast, and I cropped them a bit for aesthetic motives (the girl’s face does not always look convincing enough to me; on the other hand, I like the hairy, huge-cocked Big Hunky “Wolverine” and I would probably enjoy a lot to feel all his hard flesh inside my butt any pain included, though I’ve never had a man so big… I have toys this size and I really freak out playing with them; slowly, carefully and with lots of lube, of course, but crying out of pleasure at the end :)) – (I have also been fisted, by girls with smallish and delicate hands, but anyway it is some experience!)

Now get ready for some hard, thrilling, intimidating and, probably, mind blowing hook-up, you all gay boys, femboys and adventurous girls; get horny and try to take all of this big wonder deeply in, to the balls, until you see your navel poke out as if you were pregnant 🙂

I present the images in two different shades (if I like a pinky skin, I do love a blue one)






[To whoever wants to see more pics (in fact a whole episode) of this cutey in action with his herculean stud, I posted This Other Story by the same author awhile ago.]



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