“Sissy traps” do not want their orgasms ruined! – A frank confession and sprightly complaint


Some men (especially young men) I have dated more or less casually to have a good while, or a good night, or a whole week-end, build up too quickly some idea of me that does not correspond with reality. Once they know and rightly assume I am a trans-chick, and have listened to my occasional comments about BDSM and I being somewhat into it, or interested in it, they figure out I want to suffer and be mistreated… NO!! – I do want to have a nice time, enjoy sex and be treated sweetly (or at least kindly and fairly, as I treat everybody, including my sex-partners, even when I do not love them).

There is a current idea spread on social networks about “sissies” wanting to get pain, to be not just dominated, but humiliated, to have their orgasms ruined… I can’t stand this last two things. My orgasms and the endorphins got from them are the ultimate reason to date anyone in this world for whom I do not feel love.

Occasionally, I may ask for some spanking or rough fucking (deep, vigorous, fast piston-fucking, if they are able to provide it), some painful pulling and twisting on my nipples; I may even accept an expeditious preliminary milking if they prefer to have a limp, more lax girl and I feel in the mood for it… Many things. But do not they dare to ruin any of my anal orgasms!

If they get out of me to “honour” my back or belly –or anything– while I’m slowly coming off; or worse: if they do not follow my way toward bigger pleasure after a first orgasm of them (and maybe mine too) and some cumshots (maybe mine too), I feel used. And frustrated.

I need men who stay in me after cumming (even if we do it together) and are willing to bring me to my quickly following orgasms, each one better than the precedent… If they do not do this, or are incapable of doing this, they won’t have me anymore. If some of them, conditioned by the “sissy humiliation” concept there is everywhere on porn-sites and open social networks, deliberately interrupts my pleasure and ruins it, he may be sure he won’t see me or talk to me evermore in his life.

In truth, I respect “sissy traps” that enjoy frustration and punishment, and also all kind of masochistic bottomers, be them masculine or feminine or in between, but… I’ve never found one in real life who likes spoiled orgasms. I’m serious! – Some peers enjoy “chastity” (meaning a strict lack of orgasms for a time), a few others like to feel as mere cock-suckers and cum-recipients, overlooking their own physical pleasure, but they are never pleased with a orgasm being ruined if a mate ever brings them to one. This must be an oddity of a few, or, more probably, some Internet legend to fulfil, even more, the macho’s interests.

(Of course, sex-work is another, very different matter. If you are into it, you may probably try to entirely avoid orgasms, and even some occasional squirting; but you are not looking for pleasure right then.)


[Speaking above about expeditious –speedy and efficient– milking of chicks-with-dicks, I meant something like this (often times an enema will follow; a hard spanking too, possibly). Are they going to ruin all her orgasms during and after all this fuss ?? ] :


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Getting her milked before some hard fuck


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12 thoughts on ““Sissy traps” do not want their orgasms ruined! – A frank confession and sprightly complaint

  1. Social media and even porn for that matter can be wonderful things. Sadly though they have a tendency to have folks believe people fit into specific molds. Life just isn’t that way nor are people. None of us are cut from a cookie cutter mold and exactly alike in what we like.
    Kayla and I have said often enough that porn should not be used as sex education, which is why when we do watch porn it is more likely to be amateur porn as it is more realistic.
    Just like BDSM there are spectrum’s, some people only like spankings while others like much more then that. The same goes for humiliation, many people in BDSM love it while others don’t want to have anything to do with it. It just doesn’t fall under one umbrella.
    When I negotiate a scene with someone other then Kayla I will always ask what they like and what they don’t like. It is supposed to be pleasurable for all involved. Knowing what they like and don’t like goes a long way to achieve that goal for both parties.
    To me half the fun has always been asking what the other likes and dislikes so it can be a fun and pleasurable time.


    • Hi, bro !
      I entirely agree about amateur porn as being more satisfying.
      As for sex and pleasure in general, my point is that every sexual play, whatever its modality, is aimed to enjoyment and the achievement of pleasure. Even the most avid masochists pursue their pleasure through the practices they are fond of, if they endure pain, it is to get greater pleasure. So, the concept itself of denying or spoiling orgasms sounds absurd to my ears. Beyond the fact that I personally dislike it, I cannot think of any possible goal justifying its practice… But of course, if you could explain it to me I would attentively listen and try to understand (so far, every bottomer of any gender and sex I have talked about this, have confessed their dislike to have their sexual pleasure ruined, whatever the reason be).
      Many Thanks for commenting 💐 ✨ ! *A Big Warm Hug* 💙

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    • Everybody: men, women and all in between or out of the binary want to enjoy sex, to have fun and pleasure. Pain, submission, dominance, bondage, every kind of fetishism, etc. are aimed toward greater pleasure of all parts involved. So: ruining others’ pleasure is just an absurdity to my mind.
      Many Thanks for commenting and reblogging 💐 ✨ !

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  2. I’ve read on more than a few blogs about make chastity being beneficial and I fully intend I do this in my next relationship. It also builds up a man’s final release exponentially.

    However I am like you. Even if i am just having casual sex I expect to orgasm first or I prefer not to let my partners orgasm. Ladies first. Sissies are essentially “little girls” so this rule should apply to them too…. unless I’m playing with one. I. Which case vagina trumps. Lol

    My two cents.

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    • Thanks for commenting 💐 ✨ 🙂
      (I understand you are a genetic girl. As for me, I do not consider a “sissy”, but just a t-girl. Fully feminine and currently submissive in sex play, but I have sex for pleasure, and hence my post and my annoyance for any practice aimed to spoil it or reduce it in any way).


    • Lack of empathy (which is very common) united to ignorance (which is even commoner) are frustrating. In sex as in every other matter. In the end, the best lovers might well be the weakest and humblest.

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