More People I Like – Drawn in blue and silver

Aside of gentlemen, I like girls of my own kin (and similarly mixed sexuality). I may easily become a lesbian when I am with one, but lately I have seldom been as attracted as I was by some of them when I was quite younger (and somewhat more masculine too…, so lesbianism might be a little questioned).

This is a digital painting done from an analogical photo of a very pretty peer (one of the prettiest and foxiest I have seen – Another t-girl, called Laia, and a direct relative of mine still are on the top of the list.)  It’s a pity most of my t-girlfriends fox-holes were as hot and avid as mine, and we needed someone to occupy them rightly enough, lasting enough and often enough!, and when there comes a guy in some couple of girls’ placid life, problems come with him. Always.

(Let me insist in the “pity” of accepting a guy into a feminine couple’s life. Girls –very young, young or not young– are almost always kinder, sweeter, wiser, more skilful and… almost everything else worthy, regarding fondling and cuddling, and homely life in general. On top of this, we are more flexible, empathetic and… more cute :)) – I know most of us suck at topping … be it for coming off too fast, like the very first girlfriend I had, or for not being at all as big, hard and vigorous –not as interested either!– as it would be desirable, like I am myself. But we are unsurpassed at petting and caring among the human community.)

The day before yesterday was our PRIDE day. I think it’s appropiate to show (my own style) why trans-people may be proud of everything about them; including their beauty 😉 That girl here looked really beautiful, didn’t she?

🐞  🌷


Kris 1_1260 Shadowed rev (leaking a bit) C

C. in Blue and Silver

[Cris after the beach, a shower and half a hot nap – yep: the slight leaking was real, if not so visible in the photo (only a droplet that actualy fell, but later) — Digital artwork from a photograph, by Li F]


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2 thoughts on “More People I Like – Drawn in blue and silver

  1. That’s foxy and at the same time not hyper overt. The colors are cool yet draw me into the picture. Damn, you’re good! And yeah for shari g your pride in who you are!


    Liked by 1 person

    • Awww My :)) You’re super-kind and super-welcome as always, sis ❤ 💛 💚 💙 💜
      Love you! and Love your support and sympathy… It’s a perfect testimonial of my clumsy apology about femininity above. “KISS” 💋

      Liked by 1 person

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