Two Ladybugs

I can barely write today out of tiredness and a cruel toothache, but I have been absent many days, I feel alone, sad… and also like sharing my whim to buy a “Miraculous-Ladybug” romper like these ones below :))

The original cutie is very nice, but I may identify better with the variant I have found today somewhere 🙂 LOL. She seems more ready to play some naughtier games I like a lot 😉

I long for this black-blue hair as well!

(Will be here with other, more real ladybugs, as soon as I feel better and stronger.)



The original Miraculous Ladybug



1bb adj RET

A foxier Ladybug


Kisses from Li —  


4 thoughts on “Two Ladybugs

    • 💜 !! THANK YOU, sis!!
      But do not worry because I have found several online, since this suite seems to be very popular among cosplayers — I’ve not checked the available sizes because I do not think seriously about wearing one. What I would surely purchase is a blouse or tee with this looks. Even a miniskirt!!

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