Private Pics – Midnight – Reddish skinned, with a shortie dress.

I was trying here to look like my granny, with a good makeup of her style.

Probably she would have criticized -and cursed- a dress so short (with no undies here!), but she loved this lavender hue.

Skin digitally painted in orange, like an Apache, because all these books at my back are novels by Karl May about Winnetou and Old Shatterhand :))

(I know I was a little bit plumpy about my buttocks and thighs then, but some of this fat felt quite right to my eyes, since it was naturally grown, not generated by HRT yet. It seemed as if I was becoming feminine just out of my will… (and lots of phyto-oestrogen 😉 Also, my booty compensated somewhat for my minimal breasts.

Some stripping followed that night, and it was pictured –my own mate took the pics, so it came easy–, but I prefer to stay in the innuendo this time and leave the rest in my archives, and to the imagination of whoever feels like imagining — Just some hints: a meticulous overall depilation, a waist not slim enough for a girl, big-sized nipples and a cheeky perky leaking clit/pee.]


IMG00046-20--0726-0014 tfemcurv Sat74L+1 RET

Red-skinned, with a shortie dress


[I add a recently taken selfie to show I’ve not changed much with “progy” and estradiol… I look older (and more tired)… but not really more feminine. I do not feel more feminine than before, either; so, gender and sexuality are a matter of the mind and the spirit.]



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4 thoughts on “Private Pics – Midnight – Reddish skinned, with a shortie dress.

  1. Your grandmother would have been thrilled to see you looking so beautiful, and sorrowful to see you looking slimmer. I only see my beautiful Lixie – who has not yet stopped her war to be true to herself. You GO, Girl!!

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    • Thank you !!! But I’m afraid my grandma would have freaked out to see me like this (after Ari…) Don’t know for sure because she was very clever and empathic, but two trans kiddos of her offspring could have been too much for her.
      I want to “go”, Liz, but where? Where should I go in a world I dislike more every day? A world so cruel as it is?


  2. I agree with Liz, I’m sure your grandmother would have been happy to see you. Find your happiness in being you! In being the person you desire to be. Your smile and your eyes show the true person you are, a good and kind person. That makes all the difference in the world and the world needs more people like you.
    Be well 😘

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    • Thank you so much, my dear friend ✨ ! As usual, your support and loving words make me much good. Additionally they show in you the very trueness and kindness you speak about 🙂 *A big warm hug and a kiss* Be well you too ❤ 💜 💋 !!

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