13 thoughts on “Private Pics – 6 p.m. – Getting ready

    • Thank you very much, my good friend :)) Sometimes I feel stupid blogging this kind of pictures, but I suppose I need some approval from time to time – more now than ever-.
      I do appreciate a lot your kindness and compliments. *A Big Hug*


    • My thanks heartily for your compliment, my good friend 💙 It matters, as always, because it’s a hard and long fight to look passably nice and play more or less well in the “opposite” field. Your opinion about my attitude interests me a lot, as well, but as far as I remember, I was just feeling aroused and… nervous — concerned about looking well in the pics that would follow… and thinking “Take me *anyway*, or fuck off” :)) — But probably this is the way * am*, and also, posing for hot pics triggers my libido … Kisses back to you!

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      • Lol I get it – so many things are triggering my libido ATM. Certainly posing for hot pics with CM or even thinking about it does it for me! And a conversation the other day confirmed the continuation of our creative play partnership so I’m sure my libido will continue to get a work out even if my actual body doesn’t…
        And I am so looking forward to catching up with you in person and giving you some well deserved cuddles. xxx Indie

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        • :)) I’m glad to read all this.
          I realize as well that we share several trends and ways, quite beyond our sun sign.
          Whatever be my personal situation and mood this next fall, do not doubt I will take any cuddles gratefully. *Hugs and a Kiss*


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