Sketches 1 – Anal sex for femboys and t-girls

(2) An early stage of experience at one’s first-teens, with a big dildo stuck on a wall (a mirror is perfect to turn oneself on even more) —it might hurt, but some of us liked it.

(1) A later and better deal, at mid-twenties, with very real (usually smaller) pricks. Beaches and sea-side resorts were adequate places to indulge in some exhibitionism — something that is even more arousing than mirrors. Really: being watched while having sex in some appealing way, feeling desired by anonymous viewers, is extremely arousing (you may come off just out of it.)

I show this second sketch first, since it is quite better:


Draw 7 - Ret2 cl Last +

Right there – Like that!



Yeah (net-all) sepia +t+s trz 54-7-2

Practicing alone – daringly


[I’ve selected this drawing by an unknown person (I’ve been unable to find any reference online), edited it a little and posted it here, because the girl drawn is very much like the one above –she could be the same (!), and also because I, myself, liked to play with large toys as well when I was a teen (yes, it’s weird, but true; I liked stuff that hurt me a bit; I liked the pain as a prelude to pleasure). It was soon afterwards when I began to like spanks, and even ask for them, from my ocasional male lovers.

I never asked spanking or any kind of pain from the only female lover I had when I was a teen. I liked her softness and her sweetness… all her warmth and care on my body. So, I do not know yet what I preferred: a ‘dom’ man taking me the hard way and making me howl (and cry), or a another woman like me, just loving me tender as I do myself with everybody.

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13 thoughts on “Sketches 1 – Anal sex for femboys and t-girls

    • Certainly, any dildo on a wall requires a very strong suction cup, especially if it is a big dildo… If not, it’s usual that it falls down in the crucial moments :/ A bed is a safer place regarding this, and also the floor if you are fit and like some hard exercise (very healthy, anyway!!) Said this, there is nothing like a real flesh dick when it can stay hard long enough (ideally, non-stop :))) — but, this is not easy to find, either !
      I appreciate very much your compliments as always — perhaps more than usual, because you are an excellent drawer and painter ️✏️ ✨ !!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks lovely. I appreciate your compliments too. I confess the floor work doesn’t do much for me – think indolent lioness – 😊 And sadly it’s been a long time since flesh penetrated, licked or bit mine. (Sigh). But I do have a nice toy routine worked out… 😜

        Liked by 2 people

        • Yeah, but, we lionesses, are not as lazy as lions 😉 Anyway I do like to bounce on the floor or wherever. I do wish you a prompt remedy for your lack of a mate: some wonderful encounter with that mutual spark that makes one’s heart beat faster and the eyes shine like jewels ✨

          Liked by 2 people

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