On the beach – Some crayon colouring on an ordinary picture

Many pictures taken on a beach showing a girl, or a boy, more or less undressed may be cute, even hot, in a homely circle, but have no actual interest among thousands of them being uploaded each day and shown on social networks. This is valid for these ones too, despite all the effort made by the model and her photographer.

That girl had a nice bum to show, and she showed it quite gracefully; posed in thongs and skirts, with tops and without them, and entirely nude, and in the end she looked pretty in the photos, like many girls in this world posing at the seaside; and the photos in themselves were just passable –ordinary. Only some post-edition makes me feel a few of these pics are worth to be shown.

I have selected here a single shot and played a while with digital drawing and colouring (finally adding a little blue heart in the place I fancied it should be put in the first variation, and a silvery heart not far from the real one in the second variation).

Now, let me aknowledge that the original pic, beyond the wax-crayon colouring, has some photoshop around the waist and the arm (mainly to make them look slimmer), but not a single touch in the booty, thighs or breasts, which are shown as natural and girlish-looking as nature and will made them look.


In the beach - sketch ei full LG

Variation 5 – fucsia, lime green, lilac and purple



in the beach - cray sketch ei full 7-15-15 b+24 Lg

Variation 9 – sky blue, azure, crimson and violet


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