Naughty gallery #6 – “The Moment of the Truth”

There is often a moment in the sexual interaction with some new mate when a trans-girl or femboy strips of their panties. Then (if they do not go tucked) the more or less small bulge visible in their groin, will become a real penis and scrotum –welcome, or at least accepted, if known beforehand; but sometimes it is something unexpected. And it may well be a very tough moment for the person involved.

I have never been in the situation of undressing before someone who was taking me for a genetic girl, but I know some sisters who have lived this, normally with anxiety, other times with some shame and sometimes even with fear of a possible violent reaction.

As a matter of fact, there is always an actual risk of violence. And it is not a small one, since more than two transgender / transsexual persons are assassinated every day around the world just for being Trans (surely rather more than two, because the most intolerant countries and peoples with respect to us do not publish data about these murders).

Said so, this was intended as a “naughty post”, and these are really cute and hot illustrations 🙂



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7 thoughts on “Naughty gallery #6 – “The Moment of the Truth”

  1. I hate that your T-sisters have had to worry. Maybe I have this at an angle from the rest of the world, but if you’ve already made the decision to have sex, isn’t it a bit late to be worried about how? Communication! It seems so damned silly to me – if you like someone, is it really that big a deal what they keep in their scanties?

    I still love the illustrations you find, even when they make me a little uncomfortable because they’re outside my norm. You are a clever and thoughtful advocate!


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    • At some point during transition, stealth in everyday life becomes a goal (or at least a golden dream) for many of us. If you are suited as a girl, you feel happy and justified, you enjoy it as long as possible, and until the possibility of a sexual intercourse is not truly clear, why have you to say you are “different” and “not entirely a girl” ? You will have to say it then, but things may go fast when a couple becomes turned on…, and some sisters have arrived to the crucial moment having not yet said the difficult words.
      It could have happened to me too several times was it not that I have never really passed all right in the short distance (mainly due to my voice).

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      • I can’t imagine… Life and love are difficult enough without adding stealth into things. Is it really love or attraction if one certain thing isn’t “right”? I suppose I’m lucky that it’s never come up, I’m not 100% sure how I would respond if a would-be lover had female genitals. I would hope I’d be open enough to love that person, even if they didn’t have the bits I prefer. It should be the person, not the genitals, dammit!


        • “Stealth” in the trans-community just means to pass socially as a true and respected member of the gender you feel yours. It’s is not a matter of fairness or not, of truthfulness or not; it’s a matter of security and living life in peace. You seem to be unaware that, generally speaking, trans-persons are not liked. *NOT LIKED*
          So, if I were to move to a place where nobody knew of my past, I would probably try to live in stealth.
          About love and sexual relationships, you are of course right, but I just told something very natural that happens in first encounters to a high percentage of my peers. It’s a fact. And if they are all doing wrongly, it could seem they are all obtuse or worse. But this is not the case. The case is they all have fear or, at least, anxiety, and then the damn wrong thing is in society. And the name of the thing is Hatred. Hate. That is it.


          • Oh Love…. I HATE that this is even something that has to be for some people to live. I have a young friend who refers to people who are “outside” the “hetero-normative” (Myyyy how those numbers seem to be shifting! It’s about damned time, too!) as “Rainbow People”. Doesn’t matter which way you are, the only difference to her is that you know who you are and who you like, and if you’re trans, well, there you go.
            I don’t UNDERSTAND why trans people aren’t liked. That’s my confusion – sweet mother of pearl – how much harder is it to go through any phase of life feeling like your own body isn’t the right one? I’ve been ill enough to be uncomfortable in my own skin – and that’s transitory. I can’t imagine a lifetime like that, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. It seems to me (logically speaking) that if anything, being trans should be treated with compassion and respect. It takes a LOT to step out and say “Not only is my sex the wrong one, I’m going to change it.” That’s courage.

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  2. It is very sad that trans women have to worry about their safety yet I know it happens all the time.
    A very dear friend of mine, Vicki always had that concern in her mind as well.
    Like Liz, I wonder about communication. In the BDSM life communication and consent is imperative. Sometimes in the heat of the moment it can seem cumbersome to talk about things but wouldn’t it be better to do so up front? It may even heighten the moment for the better and make it safer.

    Love the pictures, very cute and erotic.

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    • Thanks a lot again for the comment, my friend. I see I have touched a delicate point with this post 🙂 I answer you with the same words I wrote to Liz above. As for safety, we are never safe. We are not at all safe anywhere in the world yet. Every single day since I follow the trans-news about casualties, I have to count new ones; Every Single Day. I looks like a kind of genocide. *A big Hug*


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