Loony Pics #10 – “Going to dance and flirt”

This was an early try of mine with bold feminine attire. At my sister’s flat, with her clothes; after a perfect depilation she helped me to achieve (also in a most difficult place I didn’t know then how to depilate well, but felt ashamed to ask anybody else; also she taught me how to rightly use hot wax in legs and elsewhere).

I fell for that denim mini and my sis gave it to me right then. It’s grey and I still wear it simple as it is, but also I couldn’t help painting it now really bright and sparkling, while also giving to my skin a nice reddish hue.

The picture below (and its cropped variation) was taken the same evening with the same simple and cheap clothes. It is not a good pic and I only post it to show off legs and to boast I could decently wear my sissy’s tops as well as her skirts – and she was a real photo-model, so no kidding! 😉 –. Looking at the images now, I miss that relatively slim waist I had then; and the sun-tanning. Anyway, I do think I passed well as a woman even then, in spite of being such flat chested.)

(Ari and I went to play mini-golf that night (she wore an equally shortie white denim skirt, a sky-blue blouse and mid-heeled white sandals – she looked not only taller than me (around 6 feet), but incredibly beautiful!!!) and, afterwards, we went to a dancig-pub nearby, where we both were soon suited and found good company for the rest of the night. Let me tell with pride they were two dark-skinned, long haired, very tall, Sikh boys from Canada; both had the same name (!) and both were very kind with us (and they were very well made!!!). I love forever these Sikh people 🙂


DSC00825 - Orange and Gold TG



DSC00822 Ret cl i lst rev +bl -bl

Proudly wearing my sister’s skirt and top – the black flats were mine


DSC00822 Ret cl i lst t-54s100st52

Strawberry hued – feeling happy


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