Naughty Gallery #5 – “Boys at Love”


Two illustrations of youngsters making love (or about to make it). I fancy they could be the same couple in different moments of their life — even in different moments of the day 🙂

(A personal comment: I wish I had had this bottomer boy in the first pic as a top when I was a teen and began to experiment with this; my only top at times, back then, was a lovely person, but quite small and not always hard enough (which is all right, anyway!). Only as a grown adult I’ve had partners who have really filled me and made me freak out and fly in glory when taking me.)


[First pic found on Tumblr and second in Luciousnet]


Youngsters at love 1b

Youngsters ardently at love 1



Youngsters at love 1b

Youngsters merrily at love 2

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5 thoughts on “Naughty Gallery #5 – “Boys at Love”

    • I’m glad you accept so well my yaoi and shota posts, and most especially my own randy pictures, Glen 🙂 I try hard to contribute making “deviant sexuality” cute and perfectly acceptable. It’s a hard battle in real life, but I realize times are a changing for better !

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