Dolling up for a party (more elegantly than usual :)

A full make-up as I seldom wear – here checking it in the mirror (first pic in true colours and secondly as a colour saturated fantasy edition of mine):




And finally, lo and behold!, dressed up with a stylish jacket from Zara; looking like a classy woman… The flats are England-made and I have them and wear them since 2011; the dress was a loan and it was super-adaptable in length when wearing a belt like I did here… suddenly at mid party, feeling more self-confident, it became much shorter. A secret: I was wearing a cute black lace bra, phoney-stuffed inside – but not much; just to make the top of the dress look better, as seen in the pics above 🙂


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4 thoughts on “Dolling up for a party (more elegantly than usual :)

    • Thank you ✨ !
      Your opinion is much appreciated, my friend 🙂
      Mine is I’m not -and I’ve never been- beautiful, since I have known true beauty around me. I am just good-looking sometimes, and maybe foxy to kind eyes. But beauty… beauty is another, much higher thing, dear. *A warm hug*!!


  1. Sweet mother of Pearl – I agree 100% with John! You ARE beautiful – and foxy and chic! You look completely amazing, and you do it in every picture I’ve seen of you!


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    • Mercès ! ! I molts petons ❤ 💛 💚 💙 💜
      (P.S. A good makeup makes wonders, and a true girlish dress helps a lot; but also I was in love here, and deeply believed I was loved equally…)


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