True Beauty – and Darkness all Around

I needed to post this picture again, because the more I look at it (at all the set of them shot that day), the more convinced I become Ariel was already ill and fearing her death back then. Even posing like this at 9 A.M., facing naked a blinding sunlight through the window and crying all the while was weird to me. She had spent almost two hours bathing, hair-dressing and making up…, and she was crying :!

I’ve made all outer light invisible in my edition of the photo, because I cannot stand any outer light in it anymore.

Beyond Ariel’s tears, the miracle was her poise, her gorgeous hair and… a freckle among three visible on her back that I did not remember… A signal?

Her booty was, as usual, a miracle too, but I am shy to show it in full; a hint will be enough.

[If some friend here wants to see a larger pic in natural colours and read my petty homage to my sister, a year ago, you may link to her blog here: “Before crossing the dark veil into the light” .


ArF_0101 RET 3 +mg xl4 format 2 red

Ariel !!


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2 thoughts on “True Beauty – and Darkness all Around

  1. Whether you edit, or show the original, you cannot disguise the beauty she was. As odd as this may sound, the shape of her spine seems to incredibly elegant here, almost as if it were a decorative element instead of the structure it is. I’m so glad you share these memories.


    • Thank you, darling ! I absolutely agree her beauty and elegance shows always and nothing could or can mask it. She was so very pretty you never got used to it; you had to be all the time under that spell. Stay in awe. And when she was away, you just longed for her presence. Like a drug… I think she really belonged in another world and just got lost here for a while.
      The worst is that the more you knew her, the more you miss her now :((


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