At one’s best when limp and smallish?…


So I presently appreciate with respect to my earthly body (though I am aware it might be just another phase). And this makes me think a lot about androgyny, gender shifting, transsexuality, sexual behaviour and the adequacy between one’s feelings and one’s looks.

As much as I like big (and hard) penises in partners, I prefer mine when smallish and, so, at least to my eyes, as cute as it can be.

When not wearing a cage, many trans-girls get erect as any man when they are aroused, and in my case my pee may grow quite larger than the cute size shown here. Some lovers like it horny, and they stimulate it. I enjoyed this and even stroked it myself, but, whatever the reason is, I dislike it nowadays. When I do not wear it caged during sex-play, I ask my lovers to let me be small when I am small. I leak and cum equally while flaccid, since most of the pleasure, and all the orgasms, come from inside the butt. Orgasms are not at all hampered by the lack of genital stimulation; on the contrary!, they become increasingly long and satisfying –also, though they build up more slowly and occur later, they do it recurrently; sometimes, as long as you can stand them.

My penis will not ever become a clit, but when sharing it with someone else, I wish it was all the while like this (3 – 3.5 inches) – when I’m aroused and erect it may reach 6 inches… (Also it is still functional despite HRT; probably it will be for many years.)

Let me explain that I have not any significant dysphoria. I accept rather well my body –genitals included– and I am quite sure I won’t ever try to change it surgically; just as I will not want to enlarge my breasts with silicone implants. The same way I have changed my mind about sex and gender during life, I may keep on changing it. Years ago I was often a top for girls and some men, and I liked it. If now I do not, it may be just ephemeral, as everything in life.

The last thought I want to share: if this one below is not an obvious feminine body, it has some nice feminine traits and feminine appeal; if it is not, either, an obvious masculine body, it has masculine traits and may work as a normal man’s body (even look like one, if rightly attired). This duplicity seems to me quite more an asset than a hindrance.

I do not mean that androgyny is a goal (I attained it and then I left it behind). It’s just a very acceptable condition; as fair and likeable as any other one (whatever my feelings be right now about my penis and its erections).


Cutie at her best, when limp_ret2

Not a girl enough? – Not a boy enough? – Maybe better so?


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15 thoughts on “At one’s best when limp and smallish?…

  1. I think you’re beautiful all the time – girly, boyish, erect, etc. I appreciate that you are fluid in how you see youself, and as such, leave the more permanent options alone. Maybe that’s how we all should be – going with whatever our bodies feel for the day and being at peace with that.



    • I appreciate the kind, loving flattering — in a matter that should not matter as much for me, but matters much anyway – maybe because nothing else goes well right now. My mind fails often and I must rely on my body and my sexuality to go ahead; any encouragement helps me to feel a little bit better. ❤ 💜 — 👭 !!

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      • Oh, Love… I wish I had some kind of magic fix to ease the pain you’re in. I really do. You’re so amazing; kind, lovely, thoughtful, educated, cultured, fun …. I wish you could see yourself through MY eyes.


        • Awww, thanks =) But I cannot see me like this. But… I more or less can see me in a similar loving way through the eyes of a person I loved the most and my pain worsens. We spoiled everyting, even our minds and lives


    • !!! This is a high compliment and I appreciate it deeply. I feel honoured. Moreover, I share the feeling 🙂 (Posing for drawing classes is something I was about to do in a time and then I got another job and did it not…) 🎨 🖌️ ✏️

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        • Yes! – If we meet and have time enough to talk and know a bit more of each other, I will be most pleased to pose if you still feel like doing it. But we cannot meet in spain, since I won’t put my feet in that country anymore in my whole life. spain is and has been a nightmare and a great disgrace for us all (my family included).


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