Naughty Gallery #3 – “Extremes match well”


[Before reading this post I beg you to read –as a necessary foreword– my page (On Shotacon and Me) about this kind of Manga and my particular affection to it and link with it. It is important to me that you understand why this kind of pornography strikes a deep fibre in my mind; not a paedophilic one, but just the other way round. Obviously there is neither shame nor guilt to like older men when you are a pubescent boy, effeminate or not (I am not one anymore, but naturally I was in a time, and I often wished older men).] 


This is a digital art comic I found in Tumblr and I enjoyed. In fact, it made me horny at once, so I readily took my panties off to fondle a while with myself… I also fetched the lube and my biggest dildo at home (10 x 2+ inches) to play with.

I have begun by showing the culminant image of the story on the header, in part to set the mood, also because it is as sweet as it is hot, and mostly because it expresses a deep need I had once.

All three “photosets” come from the page Digital Pixelography on Tumblr. I’ve edited them to look clearer –in truth, visible, since the originals posted are rather gloomy–. I have not achieved uniformity regarding tones (especially, skin tones); I could improve this rendering, but I have not more spare time for it, and anyway the result is moderately satisfactory.


Words of prelude by the author:

Just hanging out in the apartment about to go to sleep but swiping on “Trapr”, the new trap dating app. And, woah, what a hunk! And he only lives one mile away! I wonder if he would come over?…


tumblr_p3eziv1Mv51w3iow4o1_1280 adj







My hunky match from the Trapr app is on his way over, I better freshen up a bit for when he gets here. **Knock Knock** (wow, he’s huge!)


tumblr_p3ezq79ogk1w3iow4o8_1280 adj3 ++








Wow, he’s so….forceful, I better get undressed. WOW, his cock is huge, oh my god, I’m so fucking horny!

tumblr_p3ezwf0D311w3iow4o2_1280 adj +br +bl

P3 – 1


tumblr_p3ezwf0D311w3iow4o7_1280 adj3 +++




tumblr_p3ezwf0D311w3iow4o4_1280 adj2 +t +r



tumblr_p3ezwf0D311w3iow4o1_1280 adj 2



tumblr_p3ezwf0D311w3iow4o5_1280 adj2 +


[Yes! 🙂 Nite nite and sleep tigth you both] Registered & Protected  ZR1Q-9QGU-ACTU-HBIS

16 thoughts on “Naughty Gallery #3 – “Extremes match well”

  1. There’s a sweetness there, that while it doesn’t flip my switches – I can appreciate it. I’m glad you found something that makes you feel good!


    • Yep 🙂 I though immediately of him as well. I also love that last frame… and all the story ! Hot and tender, and he is so huge, powerful and hunky ✨
      Editing the pics I got very wet (even my chair); was leaking all the while 🙃 *hug and smooch*

      Liked by 1 person

        • “Quiet dominance” is a concept I love. I most often wish it and seek it when having sex. I also confess I am very fond of dicks that entirely fill me, even when they hurt for a while — the only pity is thay I cannot eat them beyond the gland while sucking … Mid sized ones are the best for it (and I really enjoy sucking as well). The truth is I have never had a man as big as this !!! I wish I would :)) LOL

          Liked by 1 person

          • Most people don’t understand that quiet dominance can be very intense and erotic, much more so then someone who is demanding and shouting from the rooftops.
            Okay, now you have me squirming in my seat. 😉

            I came across a pic on Tumblr today that had me doing a double take. The term “hung like a horse” aptly applied. Although I don’t believe it was real as while he was rocking on his knees his dick didn’t seem to be moving naturally.


            • Oh, No! Hahaha! I was just expressing a whim inspired by this stallone of the cartoon. In fact, I wouldn’t dare to take in a cock like this often; and surely never ever one like that one you describe. Look: normal men with normal sized penises make me enjoy my best if they are sweet, dominant and long lasting. And as I said, I can take them fully in my throat like I (and they!) like. What’s more, I’ve had exquisite orgasms with smallish-sized trans-peers that just reached my prostate or little more… (Following up a very nice comment by you, days ago: I AM NOT HITTING ON YOU, or flirting with this friendly, open chat. I’m quite outspoken with people I trust as friends!) *Big Hugs!”

              Liked by 1 person

  2. Molto sofisticato e sexy………
    Mi piace questo tipo di cartone e il suo significato.
    Come sempre mi incanto passando da te Lixie.
    Un bacio dove vuoi tesoro.


  3. Kiss my lips, as I like from all my friends, Marcello.
    I’m very glad you enjoy this kind of frank and open-minded cartoons 🙂 Some say they are perverse, but in that case, I’m a pervert too.
    💋 💋


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