Naughty Gallery #2 – “Girlish boys get more pleasure”


Even as a young teenager, I knew I was different from other boys by the way I played with myself. While most of my schoolmates just shook hard (and fast) their penises, I needed to touch my nipples and, from a given time on (I think it was at fifteen), fondle with my butt and put things into it. As for my penis, I was quite gentle: more strokes than shakes, and those with the tip of two or three fingers; never a closed fist. And I needed my time…

Fortunately, I was not as big as the cutie in the picture, back then –and certainly I did not spurt all that cum (nobody does!)–, but I had similar tits: tiny, but sensible, with which to play and get pleasure from. When I was aroused, they were directly wired to my gland and butt.

Until I was almost 16 I did not know how it felt to penetrate another person (it felt incredibly good, yes 🙂 ), but I had masturbated often since my early 13s, and this implied my nipples, thighs and butt as much as my penis. I had not plugs and dildos nor any kind of sophisticated toy besides my fingers and at times, fruits and vegetables, and homely stuff; but beyond masturbation there was social life, for good and for bad.

A close friend I had then, who, in spite of being younger, was more knowlegeable and much more daring than me in intimate play and heavy fondling, taught me things that were to drive my future. The first one I recall with emotion was when this person licked my butt and pressed the tip of the tongue, and then a finger, inside me. And did it not with shame or shyness, but with pleasure. They even said I tasted good down there! (I guess this was not true, but it was lovely and loving, and it eased my mind, made me enjoy it more and feel ready to new experiences of this “forbidden” sort).


9Cloud - Violet green

Full girlish wanking



[Source: Saigado Comic Publishing , “Cuilan, The Space Cumboy, 2006”]

If anyone thinks these drawings I am posting are inadequate just because of the apparent age of the persons depicted, please reconsider it: they are not photographs, and they do not involve any kind of abuse or anything similar. They are drawings and, furthermore, they just represent a healthy reality: teenagers in some countries (like Japan) may nowadays enjoy their sexuality with a freedom I did not had in my country (I had to live my sexual life under bullying, menace and with many collateral damages due to bigotry). These drawings also express “deviant” ways of sexual behaviour. I like hentai manga -and very especially, yori and yaoi hentai- because they show that homosexuality and transgenderism exist and are normal (even usual!) and respectable. And also they help to make many people aware that young individuals have their right to masturbate and have mutual intercourse. They are doing it anyway (just like we did in our time), so, what’s the problem?… Registered & Protected  ZR1Q-9QGU-ACTU-HBIS

4 thoughts on “Naughty Gallery #2 – “Girlish boys get more pleasure”

    • Thanks again, Indie ! 💐 ✨
      I read with much interest your post about your fantasies as a switch and about being simultaneously the top and the bottom (which is one of the things transgirls may be for real; not all are disadvantages for us :)) *A Hug and a Kiss*

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