Loony Pics #9 – Not a ‘sissy’ anymore, just a normal woman

When someone makes the big shift, everything is unstable, beginning by their mind and body. Often one tries to overdo postures, attitudes, attires and complements (which mostly explain the stuffed pet in this picture; … it was not even mine). Anyway it was one of my first overtly feminine portraits as an adult, not so long ago — I have many other shot before, even as a teenager, but they were mostly cross-dressing play or ephemeral stages of sissiness.

Kisses to my friends!  💜 – (Perfect indifference and unavailability to my haters and bullies; and my deepest hate to those guilty of every transfeminine person murdered, every day, year after year, all around the world. I curse you, monsters.)



IMG00337-20--0221-1916 - RETi 5 WP

Trying to look girlish… a cute girl if possible -but in unstable equilibrium.


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10 thoughts on “Loony Pics #9 – Not a ‘sissy’ anymore, just a normal woman

    • Thanks dearly, sis 💖 !
      Coyness is one of the ways I’ve learnt to appear cute and sexually appealing. Sometimes is authentic, anyway -especially when I’m in love, like I was here.
      About the rest… I wish I knew many places in the world -magic or not-, because I’ve travelled little and never outside Europe *Petons i abraçades, preciosa !”


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