Loony Pics #8 – Playing Hide in the Cemetery


Near my home there is a silent and peaceful cemetery where I go quite often to read and meditate.

That day, I was there with a boyfriend with whom I ran around, laughed and even played hide and seek. We also fooled a bit fondling and petting and taking off our clothes, got almost naked and thought about making love inside the deserted church, but I did not accept it and we ended on a blanket under the trees, when it was already getting dark. These same trees you may see at the right, close to our car. Nobody came, and we got asleep there until well past midnight. It was July, the weather was warm and we stayed there, petting each other, seizing the whole night and waiting for the sunrise.

(I will come back to this same place to pose for some nice picture with a white robe that a dear friend has bought for me to wear. It’s a lovely place to pose peacefully and daringly, with scarce clothing. I hope you will like it, Indie 🙂 )


Ll cemetery 1

Playing hide, seek and love at the cemetery


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7 thoughts on “Loony Pics #8 – Playing Hide in the Cemetery

  1. Perfect! I’m so excited to see these when the time comes and I enjoyed reading of your pleasurable adventures there.
    I love cemeteries – during intense emotional states it is possible to cry your heart out and people allow you to be, it is the last physical home of many ancestors, repository for wildlife and heritage flora and sometimes a wonderful place to take a lover. I wouldn’t have sex on a convenient gravestone any more because of my family history background, but I have done once with my lover Ryan when we were high on ideas of living forever and transgression…
    Beautiful photograph of you BTW.
    Indie xx


    • Thank you 🙂
      I like much all you have written about cemeteries in general. I agree. I would never dare to have sex on a tombstone, and in fact we were more than 100 yards away of the nearest one, but the fact is that all our intercourses that night were truly other-worldly. Very intense and special !! We both were haunted by the power of the place. We didn’t dare to speak much nor to wail or shout at all (and I am a very noisy girl when coming over, usually…)

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