Ari’s Fashion (XI) – A Summer Night’s Fancy

Again, this is not “my fashion” but my sister’s. Anyway, I personally published this Polyvore set by her on her blog a year ago. Now, after revisiting this post I feel like reblogging it here as well.
I could even wear an outfit like this now in some special party, although it is not really my style and it would not become me much – it is an attire for delicate, princess-like girls like she was and I am not at all. But I like it much.

Something Beyond

A caprice of mine in pink & mint, with fireworks, never seen shoes, lovely skirt and jacket… and one Hindu prince at my side, smiling and holding my hand 🙂
(May I add that that Prince couldn’t ever be (unfortunately!) Prince Dakkar -Captain Nemo, for those who do not recognize the name-…? I wish it was him, but I respect immensely his everlasting fidelity to his dead wife! So, some other prince, handsome like I assume he was, learned in many languages old and modern, and able to play J.S. Bach’s preludes, fugues, toccatas and chorales on the organ; serious and laconic, but sweet, kind, tender-hearted; much older and wiser than me. Equally childlike, when required 🙂
A Summer Night's Dream

I think Ari would have liked to show here one of her favourite “portraits” of Prince Dakkar (aka Captain Nemo)…

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