On the beach – Passing well just being daring – a personal advice

When on the beach in swimwear, without being a genetic girl, even at the beginning of an hormonal therapy (or before), one has some resources to look passable and feel righ: for me the first one was wearing long hair, well cared for and dressed up.

Second thing was wearing all the while a bikini top, not necessarily stuffed โ€“in fact, mine here was small, not having much to cover besides the nipples. I would more gladly have gone topless, because I dislike bras and I like to become wholly sun-tanned; but showing bare an almost flat chest could be a big flaw and perhaps a source of attention or dislike.

Third and most important is a perfect depilation. From toes to just below the eyebrows not a single hair must remain for anybody with good sight to detect it.

Last (of course, optional and just for not operated persons) is a proper tucking of masculine genitals. Much as I belive that wearing them loose and somewhat visible under the swimwear is just right and fair, any noticeable bulge still makes me feel in danger when in public. I cannot stop thinking some people are going to scrutinize me and wonder about me (is that a girl? is that a faggot in bikinis?… a transsexual?… what is it?)


DSC00128b On the Beach (teal) - First bikini top - WP2

On the Beach (with an unneeded, but necessary, bikini top)


This one below is the framing and the colours I like most. At least now, mostly because I miss my long and dense hair back then.


DSC00128b On the Beach -WP Last rev

A girl on the beach?… Yep. — Cute?… Apparently


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