In the toilet, peeing and smoking as I use to do there

logas1b2munh           Sinful Sunday


I am not really into ‘scat’ (just some gushed pee sometimes; in and out of me, and some dirty sex sometimes, when I’m in the bed, aslept and not ready), but here I was caught peeing and pooing, about midnight, after a long evening of sexual activity.

I was smoking as well…, and this was my second cigarette in the house of a man who hated smoke and cigarettes :/

After making “love”, after being told all sort of cute, hot and sweet words… after having said myself quite similar words, after almost five hours of deep intimacy… after all, I was scorned, scolded and deprived of my cigarette pack and my lighter. Since I protested, I was invited to leave that small, not very clean, bathroom, that sad house and that hurtful man after the several photos (4) he shot me with my own camera –and this is one of them.

Believe it or not, I came back to him several times after that eviction and humiliation I suffered… I even let him have me once again.

Today is Sunday –at least in this corner of the world where I live–, but, what is the sin in this picture?… In my opinion, the picture itself: I…  The well-being I felt when that man entered the bathroom, smelled the smoke and took the photos, was fair and innocent from my part. I swear. I remember it. I see it again now in the pic. I was joyful and pleased; full of endorphines… The sin was his.

But this Sunday and the future ones are mine, to smoke as much as I wish, to post this pic and whatever other I fancy and to make love with much more decent persons, which would never, ever, make me out of their home at midnight the way he did.


Peeing and smoking a cig

Peeing and smoking


Sinful Sunday

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28 thoughts on “In the toilet, peeing and smoking as I use to do there

    • Yes 🙂 The problem with having a strong sex-drive is that one involves in intimate relationships rather too fast. Thanks for your comment 💐 ✨ !


  1. This is such a glorious image, what a shame the moments after were less than pleasant. I hope there are indeed much more decent partners in your future who will take photos even more wonderful and with more precious memories attached to them x

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    • I was 🙂 Unfortunately, some of the men that have given me more pleasure have also been quite mean toward me. I know I’m playing with a basic disadvantage from the start, but nobody (no more trans-persons!) should be abused as often as we are. *A kiss!*


    • Oh… I heartily thank you, but I do not think so. It’s just a pic shot in a casual moment, cropped and coloured by me. I do not even look very smart in it; just clumsy (aside of a bit fatty :/ )


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    • Thanks heartily for the flattering, Bee 🙃 As for the rest, I have become accustomed to some mistreat and abuse. But is my fault for often engaging in sex, too soon, with strangers. And still, for some insecure individuals, being easy and eager in bed is a kind of weakness that they use against me (if I am a “trap”, I am an object, unworthy of respect).
      *Hug* ✨

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