My Fashion: #12 – Home, Sweet-Cosy-Sexy Home

If I had a family, I still would be happy and snug at home a bit more dressed than I use to go; but not much more: socks, panties (“boy panties” here) and some shirt or blouse. Makeup would not be necessary, but Hugs & Kisses would! 🙂
(Living alone or just with occasional mates as I do, panties are not my favourite piece of cloth; but socks (long) and cute blouses are! And I love light peach and nude lipstick.)
For those interested, the luscious model featured in this set is Stella Maxwell. (What I do like most of her, beyond her obvious beauty, is the fact that she came to androgyny from the opposite side I did. So: different sexes, but similar bodies and same gender.


– After the looting and annihilation of Polyvore by SSENSE, ALL sets and collections of ALL users are lost. I saved some of mine and my sister’s in my PC, and will be able to replace the posted pictures, but not this one 😦 . So I just post the photo of Stella Maxwell that inspired it and also was part of it:
Home, Sweet Cosy Sexy Home


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