My Fashion: 11# – Boyishly & In A Martial Mood

This outfit is one among dozens that my sister left as drafts in her page on Polyvore. Many appeared unfinished; this one too, and so I added the bag, the belt and the chic illustration by Inslee Fariss.
I already posted time ago several outfits by Ari on her personal blog, including her comments when there were some (the one in this reads: “Unarmed, but military looking (and over six feet tall 🙂 ✨”). But currently there is almost no traffic on her blog and I do not think it is wrong to keep on publishing her sets here.
As a matter of fact, she was my first –and for many years, my only– influence with respect to feminine clothing and fashion, and it was not until I was classifying and finishing her drafts on Polyvore that I decided to create my own account and make my personal sets and collections.
I do love this one, and I wish I could afford it (it is very expensive! … the blazer by Gucci cost 1800€ and the Sacai transparent jacket almost 500€…). Ari might have purchased these clothes, since she was well-to-do; she did not, but is for sure that they would have become her very much, because she was tall and exquisitely lean and elegant.




(Recovered Set after the looting and annihilation of Polyvore)

Boyishly & In A Martial Mood

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