Neither fish nor real meat: snakelike? – … Anyway, still edible for a few

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The first and only time I ate snake I didn’t know it and I was puzzled because it tasted like fish (some particular kind of fish I had often eaten in my boyhood). Then I was told it was not fish, but serpent; surely a British serpent since I was in Manchester (in a little hotel run by a Hindu acquaintance of mine).

Sometimes I deeply feel I am neither meat nor fish: much too girly for a man; not enough for a girl. Also I have been called a succubus (and so, a lilin: the offspring of Lilith with Samael) more than once and twice, and lately I think of me as being snaky. In some aspects I could resemble a snake or a lizard: long, without marked curves (except the bum); kissy, at times lazy, often wet… I suffer some social despise due to this “snaky” androgyny; not so much for my mixed body, but for my complementary trend to be, sometimes quite suddenly, naughty and exhibitionist; slutty.

I also have some personal issues about this: I feel mostly attracted to men, but I do not attract many straight men, as I’d wish. Aside of my own kin (trans-women), I attract gay men who accept both my genitals and my sissylike overall look, but they tend to treat me as a man (as effeminate as you may suppose, but as a man anyway). If eventually a straight man likes me as a woman, he undergoes a certain conflict when having to deal with my masculine parts. While not a single man I have been with had any reserve toward anal sex and none disliked my submissiveness and feminine demeanour in bed, none has yet had a fair idea, or the sensibility, to treat me as a real woman.

Here, following my exhibitionist vein, I show another nakkie with a naughty mood; it is also implicitly randy, since I was masturbating (I wore a vibrating plug as I use to do for long periods –even hours– to attain and maintain a state, quite near the verge of coming over, in which I feel a calm, well-controled, very high horniness and great pleasure, punctuated by many low-intensity orgasms (any of them may eventually become a high-voltage one if I wish so, or if a mate wished so; a kiss, a well done caress, a prink and twist on my nipples, a couple of strokes on my pee –if I went untucked and cageless–, etc. might be enough, but most usually, what they did was taking off the plug and coming in themselves).

I have never measured how much pre-cum I leak and drip during a whole afternoon or/ and evening wearing a plug, but it is a constant, if slow, leak. Sometimes, if I am moving much, a big orgasm may come unexpectedly and I really cum, but more often is squirting what happens (luckily, cum is easily washable, and the gushed liquid (30-40 ml. in a pair of jets (*)) is just physiologic serum: absolutely odourless salty water).

*[Let me explain that squirting during a good anal intecourse, may be truly abundant; almost like peeing, but more vigorously gushed.]



Naked and plugged – smoking some weed in my sleeping room

Sinful Sunday


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10 thoughts on “Neither fish nor real meat: snakelike? – … Anyway, still edible for a few

  1. I agree with John, lithe is definitely an appropriate word for you. I was fascinated to read your discussion of using the buttplug for extended periods, and the squirting thing. I am in an interesting state myself at the moment – the comment was made on the weekend that I was really primed (a truthful remark I think). I feel rather like my photography sessions are extended instances of edging, that leave me wanting for days after, even when I’m masturbating. Our bodies are such wonderfully complex things. I only know what we see and learn of you on your blog Lixie, but I think there must be some very blind men out there to not see your specialness.
    Indie xox

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    • Thanks again very heartily, Indie! I do appreciate a lot your compliments and support.
      With respect to posing for erotic pics, I agree with you and feel much like you. It turns me on, and often a session has ended up with sex play -or even become interrupted with it.
      As for butt-plugging, it’s begun to be addictive for me. I especially enjoy now wearing one when going out to run errands.
      About men, I feel liked and wished by some and have no issues finding a casual sex-mate when I am in the mood; the difficulties begin if the relationship goes on (maybe because along with my strong sex-drive, my stronger need of sweetness and gentleness and submissive trend, I’m a very proud person).


  2. Welcome to Sinful Sunday. I hope you enjoy being part of this community. I do encourage everyone to comment on each others work as it helps to create a supportive and interactive community.


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    • Thank you, Molly ✨ ! I’m pleased to be in, and I’ve read the rules and your advice, but I’ve lacked time these days to look at other posts (except a few ones) and to comment on them as they deserve. I will do 🙂 *Hugs* (And many thanks for your welcome! 💜 )


    • Thank you very much for your compliment, sub-Bee ✨ It’s very kind of you. (I just wish more men thought my body is at least “normal”… since some think it’s just freaky.)


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