K. C. as a reference for transfeminine beauty and appeal

Her first name –at least publicly– is Kalindra, which sounds exotic and very pretty to my ears; also, seemingly Hindustani, if not really so. Very widely divulgated since time ago on several social networks and erotic websites, she has been a reference relative to HRT success, and a goal regarding transgender beauty (and sex-appeal) for many; I would say for most. A goal perhaps unattainable…, but truly inspiring.

I do not know much about her, but I have been following her own posts on Instagram and several other websites with much interest, since at the beginning she had many traits I could identify with as an androgynous boy wanting to feminize further and eventually become a girl just like her. She was (is!) rather younger than me, and this matters in several aspects, but not in the fundamental one: the spirit of the quest.

Most of these home-made pics are amazing to me; they have force beyond clumsiness and, sometimes, carelessness (mainly relative to the backgrounds and mise en scéne in general). As it seems, she has undergone some very well done breast surgery, and perhaps FFS in the jaws’ contour (just like my sister did long ago), which is something I wouldn’t do (and couldn’t afford), but, of course, just perfect for her.

Her genetic background is somewhat apparent in her hands and forearms (aside of the hard penis I have left barely visible when shyly cropping the second full-sized picture; but show entirely in a smaller frame at the end), but anyway, contemplating all the rest, she is just amazing, and looks always gorgeous, shot after shot. I do post here five of these with my utmost admiration toward her.

To explain something personal, I do not envy her bust. I prefer to keep on being relatively smallish –a B-size cup is going to be enough for me, and even my current A-size matches rightly with my tastes–, but I wish I had her wide hips. And I do wish I had her mouth and her big feline eyes!

With regard to the genitals, I was quite in the same mid-sized boyish stage prior to my first hormone intake (now, I am a bit smaller, having experienced some shrinking; anyway, oestrogen does not seem as yet to affect erections, which are frequent and lasting as before; even if not so quick).


Kalindra Chan ADJ 3

K. Chan 1



1421293711725 ADJ2 ret WP

K. Chan 2a





10561002_789643811066443_674263840_n (2)

K. C. 5


The second picture as rarely found online nowadays outside some porno-webs:


1421293711725 ADJ2

K. C. 2 (uncropped)


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