Art Twist #4 – (Having a bath before being twice taken)



The source for this post is a painting by Pompeo Batoni Lucca: Susanna (1751) :



Susanna (1751 – oil on canvas, 99 x 136 cm.) – Private collection



You know the story as told in the Bible, but I’m certainly more Greek (and, even more, Hindustani) in spirit than Jewish, and I have no restraining “divine” issues sharing my body in several ways and many different circumstances; not just for love. Sex may be a blessing, but it may also be the most trivial matter, when necessary.

So, while I approve Susanna’s chaste attitude and choice, I would probably have avoided any fuss (and any death!), taking the money. However, I would have required both elders to have a bath to begin with!, and then I would have taken one among several options:

1- Ask more money than whatever quantity those elders were offering, and then, very passively, got banged by them. And kept the secret.

2- Put them into a difficult dilemma by stating that I would only accept a double and simultaneous penetration, and that they should decide who was going to fuck my butt. Since sodomy is a big sin for Jews (at least it was back then), they should pay me much more than offered if they did not want being denounced to the Rabbi or whatever the competent religious authority was.

3- In case I was Susanna, but keeping my present body (thus, a transgender Susanna), I would pose them an even bigger dilemma: being only available through the back door, both elders would have to ass-fuck me. Either this, or they should have to content with a fast blow-job by me at the same price (but with the risk that I could have a sudden spasm in my jaws and bite really hard their penises).

My picture is very simple, and as I haven’t two men at reach to pose by my side, it just features a personal morning bath at my home. My partner entered the bathroom to pee, but went back to fetch the camera and came back to shoot some photos. He took several –some better and hotter than this one, but inconveniently showing my crotch too explicitly (this one also showed it under the water… not entirely under the water… but it’s been easy to erase (*)).

The relationship between this intimate homely picture and the painting by Pompeo Batoni is loose –aside of the bath itself, the water pouring from a couple of sources and the plants with leaves nearby–, but I thought of it for this new challenge because I really was taken twice just after bathing; first time in the very bathroom, while still barefoot, wet and soapy. (Also, my mate was older enough than me to be considered an “elder”… The biggest difference is that I loved him and truly enjoyed being had by him…)


DSC00499 OK1

Gladly and receptively smiling from the bathtub


(*) – [First and biggest problem I have when posing naked or in sexy attire is arousal. Posing uses to turn me on, very visibly, in a matter of minutes –which would be fine for porno pics, but is a real nuissance for the sort of softer erotic images I do appreciate and like to pose for. Not even posing before a woman prevents this, and there is only one easy –but time-consuming– remedy.]


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5 thoughts on “Art Twist #4 – (Having a bath before being twice taken)

  1. Delicious post, lovely Lixie! I have no doubt the elders (and anyone else around at the time would find you appealing! The grin is infectious! Well done for being first entry for #ArtTwist4. If you haven’t read the #ArtTwist3 roundup you should. You got mentioned – some new followers coming your way I think.
    I “plan” to do a watery photoshoot with my male photographer friend this weekend at a secluded river. The end result may be sunburn, drowning or arrest for indecent exposure. It remains to be seen – and if none of that happens I’ll be wearing a happy grin too. (I hope my photographer will be too – lol)
    Indie xo

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, again for all the compliments, my friend 💜 ✨ !
      I did read the roundup, yes, but thanks for telling me.
      I wish you have a pleasant bath in the river and also a most pleasant afterbath, if that occurs to you too :)) I look forward to watching (and reading!) your post. Big Hug and Sweet Kissie 💋

      Liked by 1 person

    • I thank you again dearly, my friend 💜 ✨ ! I wish I had motives to smile widely and easily like then, but anyway I’ll find my way — and means to follow it 🙂 *Big hug and sticky kiss* 💋


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