From Androgyny to Feminity

I am perfectly aware that breasts, and especially their size, have very little value –if any– as a mesure of femininity. But for me are an interesting bodily signal of my gender shift.

Both my sister and I had some incipient breasts, with protruding nipples, when we were young teens. Those of my sister kept on growing to a full womanly size, and mine stayed alike until I took some doses of oestrogen in my first twenties (but I discontinued them and the growing tits shrank again).

As I am now into a well-decided sexual transition through legal HRT, my breasts have noticeably grown. But not steadily; and sometimes they even seem to recede –right now they are smaller than two/ three months ago; just when I began to think they were rather cute, and I even bought some brand new B-sized swimwear…

I show two views of them. The first below is taken in 2017 after some 8 months of fem-hormone intake (the bra, so shy and large in apparence for my needs, was just a try, and I wore it as a sole top in summer, with pants or shorts. I do not wear bras under shirts or tees or any other top). The photo is edited in outlandish texture and colours according to my usual fancy.


Ls tits A-size-rev ampl eix conté crayon

A-size breasts (2017) – crayon-coloured in trans-pride hues


The other photo (first below) is much older, and shows my natural, scarcely manly, chest and nipples in my early twenties; I was then a bit heavier, anyway… I have paired it with the same picture above edited in a similar way. They both disrespect very well the original natural colours:





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