I wish I may, I wish I might…

This lonely loony strayed project of a girl posting here has –like Sally Brown from Peanuts– many weaknesses; among them: she day-dreams a lot and has many barely attainable wishes… Not unattainable, but anyway hard to attain.

If Sally asked for a pony, I ask for a hyper-sexy man like this shown below.

Watching the photograph on Tumblr has had immediate effect in my thoughts and my physiology :)) … I’ve had a flashing illusion of taking off my panties, sitting on his lap, holding his shoulders, etc., and I’ve become painfully hard. And wet… And I’ve gone to fetch my biggest dildo! Honest.
OMG ! 💜
I love this image; this powerful body in repose…, and so, I’ve felt like sharing it here, in case it could give some of you similar thrills and such arousal as I have had.



A man I wish adj

A man I will meet in my dreams


As for the header comic strip, I wish to thank again my sister for her inexhaustible archives in her computer. She had collected thousands of pictures and documents about almost everything beautiful, including of course, hundreds of comics, like this lovely one that I post here (and that she also posted time ago in social networks with a very different purpose).

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