My Fashion: #8 – A Touch of Pink; & #9 – Mixed Feelings

Again, this outfit is meant for boys (like me) and girls (like me) and all genders between or outside the binary (like me).
It is really amazing how a simple touch of pink in the accessories –bag and foulard here– and some make-up in an otherwise basically masculine outfit like this will attract attention and raise doubts in many persons about your gender (if you are lean and neither very short nor very tall, many will even wonder about your genetic sex).
Puzzling people has never been my purpose when I go out, but sometimes I did enjoy calling attention, and of course, I always like being liked. Thus, playing with colours, and wearing makeup and earrings when, time ago, I dressed as a boy was increasingly important to me; and a source of creativity and pleasant feelings, including self-esteem.
A Touch of Pink


Very much in the same line of low-profile androgyny, this second set –also casual and quite discreet– resorts to the white childlike sandals, the naked shoulders, the nacre nail varnish and the mascara on the eyes to state you are peculiar, without giving a clear hint of what kind of peculiarity there is in you (and I have learnt that this is the secret to awake curiosity and, often, genuine interest –  If you are a boy, you will probably awake some despise, bigotry and LGBTQ-phobia as well, but this is part of life in this world…)


Just an Intelligent Boy Registered & Protected  ZR1Q-9QGU-ACTU-HBIS

2 thoughts on “My Fashion: #8 – A Touch of Pink; & #9 – Mixed Feelings

    • I thank you dearly, John ✨
      And really this faux suede jacket was a real trove, at some 60 Euros. It’s soft and light (if a little short for manly men), so I may wear it comfy over the skin without a shirt or anything, which is foxy, with the zip open.
      (I like you have a taste for fashion too … ❤ )


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