Two-spirited looks, and a rather good pose

A simple picture –not very good, but likeable for some details: the smile, the pose and the cheap and quite cute juvenile attire; just perfect when one is in his/her forties 🙂

(Model wore a smallish bra, though it is not apparent here; a bit of a bulge on the breast probably became her, but some said that a completely flat chest added mystery and appeal. I guess it depends on the personal sexual preferences. I for one do like, and feel hotter, growing (and showing!) some tits; even when I felt more masculine (*)).


DSC00200 OK2 fl2-6 vi-g TG

“Green” boyish jeans & “purple” ballet shoes


(*) I personally consider that tits (and shooting nipples) are also super-cute in some men; when they are young, slender and go perfectly depilated. I love soft men with tities almost as much as I love rough big bears 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Two-spirited looks, and a rather good pose

    • Thank you so much for your support and kindness 💜 ✨ And thanks too for a nice word I didn’t know: coy ! I like it much and I agree it’s the precise word here. I will use it again soon :)) *Hug and Kiss* back to you, my dear friend.

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  1. The model is beautiful. Her smile, her posture, her choice of attire… 😸. Foxy in fact! It doesn’t matter her blog size, it’s what beats beneath them! 👯💙💜💓💖

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