My Fashion: #6 – Come As You Are (I) & (II)

Defending as always androgynous and feminine looks for men who feel different, as I did, I created four sets under the caption “Come As You Are” and using the header of an editorial from Vogue Germany (June 2013) as a logo. I show here the first two designs (1 Singular and 2 Pretty); quite complementary with regard to their colour palette:

1- Singular

Come As You Are (I): Singular


2- Pretty

Come As You Are (II): Beautiful


By Lixie F, 2017 – [The other two sets (3- Dark and Elegant and 4- Hot and Quirky) will follow on the next post.]

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5 thoughts on “My Fashion: #6 – Come As You Are (I) & (II)

  1. Lixie,

    You have the most amazing fashion sense! I adore your attention to detail, complimentary colors and shapes. I’m guessing some of that comes from your art background, but I simply love how you make it work!


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    • Thanks dearly, Liz :), but no; I’m just a “diletante” like any other flirtatious girl (or man) wishing to look well, and fond of fashion design.
      (When I was a kid, I secretly liked much my sister’s cuttable dress-drawings, and her real life experiments with clothes and attire. Maybe I learnt something from her good taste and her wit to arrange cute outfits out of second hand and thrown-away pieces of cloth.)
      💜 ✨ 💋

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