Where I come from… – My Grandma (1947 or 1948)

I am not entirely sure she would have approved to be on the WWWeb, but I know she liked to look pretty, call attention and be liked (just like almost everybody else, in fact). So, I present her here, though indirectly through a picture of a framed picture in my home – in two differently sized and hued versions,

Some say I resemble her somewhat (I wish it’s true), while my sister resembled more our Dad and Granddad (both, tall and classy gents which I will introduce here some day as well).

I knew my granny and I know she was a very pretty brunette, as shown here, about 162-163 cm tall, a full bust and a truly sweet, classy, and also very cute, face; an air of a movie star to my eyes… Her name was Carme.







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