My Fashion: #5 – Still a Boy at Whiles – But not many, and not much

I needed time and some stern determination to get courage enough to wear skirts publicly as and adult (I had worn some as a young teen, just to experiment… and get chastened). My first attempts with gay colours, eye makeup and womanly shoes were easier; and I recall truly well the emotion I felt when I wore my first choker to match some low-heeled sandals. Curiously, I still basically felt like a gay and effeminate man back then… Publicly…, because in private, I was already a girl, and in love I behaved submissively most times.
I do not remember well why I captioned this outfit like I did :/ since there was not much of a boy in me then, a year ago (and I already had visible tits). But anyway I did it, and the set is really unisex 🙂

a0d01cd306bbb3a368411af4a96a4acc (1)

(Recovered Set after the looting and annihilation of Polyvore)

Still a Boy at Whiles - But not much



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