Blue Lips – Pink Blouse – Heart “Eaten”

A few words of thankfulness to my beloved sister for her help with my makeup that day –already gone, but still very present. Her artistry was a definitive tool to convince me that I could actually ressemble a woman, even before I began any serious hormone treatment (and even though she did not want me to become a woman; she begged me not to fully transition ever… –anyway, she respected my will and gave me useful advice for the time I’m living now, as a woman…. Others, less lovingly, are still repeating I am a “man”, with all the masculine stuff (despite my tits, my thoughts and my feelings)…, and will always be, even if I decided to get rid of the penis that some unknown sadistic “god” chose for me —and I won’t.)

I have recovered these pictures and edited them in my preferred colours; also set one of them as my newest avatar online.

Just for the curious viewers: the actual blouse was pale green and the lipstick, light carmine; my hair was hazel-brown then (pitch-black now, as it becomes a Lilin (offspring of Lilith: a succubus; like some would swear…)).

But these hues are much prettier, aren’t they?  💙 💜


DSC00029 blue lips -1 RET2

Blue lips – Pink blouse 2 (2009)



DSC00030 Blue Lips RET2 (n fl)

Blue lips – Pink blouse 3 (2009)


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11 thoughts on “Blue Lips – Pink Blouse – Heart “Eaten”

  1. Such beautiful images Lixie, and you are gorgeous! I’m so glad Ari supported your womanly look, but the choice to transition or not should be up to you my dear, despite Ari’s original wishes…
    Indie oxo

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are a sweetheart, Indie 🙂 Thanks a lot 💜About poor Ari, she had her reasons. On the other hand she was always fair and caring with me. Were she here now, I’m sure she would be my first supporter. *Warm hugs and a Kiss* 💋


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