Lixie’s Loony Pics #3 – Washing some greens and fish for supper

In recent times, I have made the great mistake to accept being somewhat a house-wife for the wrong guys. Two in a row have abused me in several ways (even if not for a long time, because I am rather proud and not easily cheated –I’m a Leo!–, in spite of all my explicit submissive trend).

Here, I was making supper for my mate, after an “active” afternoon nap and, then, having walked around the harbour and had a drink in a pub down there. I recall I had changed the nice (and quite expensive) orange cropped top I was wearing for this humble homely one, just before hastening to the kitchen to wash some greens and cook some fish and fries for supper, since He was hungry, and I was not allowed more time to take my pants and vans off and, perhaps, have a bath and relax for half an hour.

Now I am still ashamed of the joy I felt all the while and my sprightly disposition to feed him, treat him, be sweet toward him, be as cute and foxy as possible for him to like me, do him all the blow-jobs he wanted, let him take me whenever and wherever he wanted (including during my sleep), etc… In other words: “serve” him.

I was openly smiling here, again… But, anyway, I am now slightly wiser; and any man wanting to be near me will not find a way so open; will not use my sex-drive (enhaced by HRT) as a resource to enslave me.

I may be very randy; I am; but I am a free soul in a free body as well. I’m free.

[I post the picture in three shades; I like much the purple-green one, as usual, but I have also had the fancy to alter it further to a psychodelic portrait of my sillyness as an unexperienced girl; a trap for too many.]





DSC00668 ret adj psy-mod


By the way: these oversized pants are not falling down; they were worn low like this –or almost–, held by the suspenders you may see loose in that moment. A bit daring when coupled with a very narrow thong –also very low in the front–, like this one here…, but I followed that style sometimes. Yes! – Another, more daring way, was going alike without the panties. I did it too.)

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