Lixie’s Loony Pics #2 – 6:18 a.m. in a hotel room; checking the phone

I do not know well why I post this picture now, at 2:23 AM… Exactly as I do not remember what I was reading on my phone at 6:18 AM, not long ago, not far from home, when my room-mate (another t-girl) shot that picture. I just appreciate I was smiling wide (and ready to smoke my first cigarette; even before coffee), and I have the feeling I was reading one of the first messages my partner-to-be had sent during the night…

Now, when my partner is not in my life anymore, this pic looks really weird, hard to believe and very disquieting… Life is indeed surprising and, often, absurd.

(I do remember I was very near to fall in love then, when my buddy shot me that pic after a short sleep; joyful to read the sweet words I was probably reading; beginning to have some nice expectations toward the immediate future… Which has arrived, and I am alone and trying to get rid forever and for good of that man I loved and seemed to love me just some months ago.)


6,18 A.M. in a Motel Room - ampl RET cl

Before Dawn in a Motel Room


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