Art Twist #3 – (Playing Danaë)

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The source for this post is Gustav Klimt’s Danaë (1907), an oil painting kept in the Leopold Museum, Vienna:


1057px-Gustav_Klimt_010 +t+s+b +y

Danaë (1907 – oil on canvas, 77 x 83 cm)


Unlike Danaë, I have been often –in fact profusely– impregnated during my youth, even as a boy and still being a vacillating switch in sexual intercourse. I get more sperm nowadays, having left behind all confusion about my gender and my genuine role as a lover.

I have also been showered with golden rain, not only over my bottom, but inside it. Never by a god, anyway (all rain has been very human); but I am well disposed if one becomes interested in me (of course, I cannot have offspring, but a god could surely amend this genetic incapacity.)

My final picture, trying to represent the godly touch in me:


Coming in

… Come in; bring memory and joy, nourish life out of the barren flesh, make me a real woman


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12 thoughts on “Art Twist #3 – (Playing Danaë)

    • Thank you very much for the lovely compliment, May. It is undeserved, but I appreciate a lot your words of welcome! ✨
      It is quite clear that the Internet is more accepting of me than the world around. I’m delighted to be with you all in this good-hearted community. *Hugs* 💜


  1. I am always so pleased when someone new joins in with one of our Memes, so welcome. I love this image, it is almost impossible to tell if it is a photo, drawing or painting. The words are wonderful too.

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    • I thank you heartily 💐 ✨ !!
      It is a cropped photo, digitally edited to look like a drawing with wax-crayons. Maybe I’ll post the original picture someday, but it shows explicitly my butt and my scrotum and I feel hesitant. *A Hug and my Best Wishes” 💜

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