Do I want a good spank?… I do! But the power you will hold, comes from me.


My younger sister, who was a deeply spiritual person, very clever and rather witchy, believed that she and I shared the same soul (not, of course, the mind –even if there certainly was a very close connection). She did not refer to mate souls or anything of the sort; but the very same one, since she was persuaded that a soul may incarnate in different living creatures simultaneously… This is a puzzling subject, and possibly the material for a next post, one day, but the relevant fact for this one is that many things she liked when living, and I did not, I like them now when she is dead.

One of these things is going bottomless (or almost; with some scanty panties or similar) while at home, when being alone or in reliable company. Her reasons were several, but one of them was sheer eroticism (that is: lust, exhibitionism, readiness to intimate contact and sexual play), and this, like all the other reasons, I share nowadays. Another of her trends –related to the former– was the availability to be kissed, smooched and, eventually, taken; as often as possible.

However, she did not accept spanking and other BDSM practices, because of some bad experiences with deranged partners and performers.

I have not had such bad experiences, and I do like being spanked (and whipped –which I will also comment in another post). My last boyfriend ended showing up as an abuser in different aspects, but he was a good spanker and a fair Dom in general. And I miss him mainly for this. He never lost control of his hand, nor of his intention: having fun and giving me great pleasure; not trying to get rid of his own frustrations or anger or whatever negative feeling he could feel at the time. Naturally, he enjoyed as well spanking me. He liked my bum, my disposition and my reaction to his treat, the extreme arousal I felt and the way my bottom shivered and then uncontrollably shook while the pain –and the redness– grew and grew; the slow building of the orgasms inside me and his absolute control of their outburst as he had access to the “on” buttons; both the rear and the front ones. He played many diverse and really exciting games with my bum, indeed, and I delayed too much my farewell to him just for this…

The magic clue of all this pleasure of mine was confidence. I knew (because he demonstrated it to me) that I could stop anything at once just saying a word; whenever the moment I felt like pausing or giving it up, for whatever reason, I only had to say it. And he obeyed. Despite I rarely wanted him to stop, my will worked when necessary.

And this is the main thing I want to say about any BDSM activity. Be it soft and innocent or hard and risky, every submissive person –men and women alike– should have much care when choosing their partner(s).

In fact, going back to the beginning, my sister ended up in hospital more than once after uncontrolled S&M sessions with persons not well enough known by her; and she paid a high price for her candidness.



I have long doubted about how to illustrate this post. I keep pictures of many kinds, showing me alone or in couple; before, during and after spanking sessions; tied and free; with plugs and toys used or just my bare buttocks; laid, kneeling or standing up; indoors or in the open air; with fluids pouring or poured from cocks (including my own); even with some blood in my skin…; but finally I decide to show some mild images of one of the best moments in a spanking session: the prelude; when you are ready and expecting the imminent pain and pleasure. When your mate approaches you with all that power you have given him/her, written in his/her face. May he/she fly you to the Moon!


BB-IMG00119-20--1027-0325_ret_mag t-101s-6

Ready for a spank 1



BB-IMG00118-20--1027-0325 fl2-2 viol

Ready for a spank 2



BB-IMG00120--1027-0326 fl1-3 adj 2 +mag RET3 t-27s+7 br OK

Ready for a spank 3  (… and all the rest that will follow)


[The photographs are not at all good. My mate took them in a room half too dark and half too illuminated. He was, as usual, more pending of his prey and lover than the camera and its proper settings (which is nice and I do appreciate); he was also too horny to take all the time needed to shoot acceptable pictures — I have altered the colours, brightness, contrast and everything else according to my exclusive taste, since the photographer is now definitely out of my life (for good)] Registered & Protected  ZR1Q-9QGU-ACTU-HBIS

13 thoughts on “Do I want a good spank?… I do! But the power you will hold, comes from me.

  1. Oh Lixie, this is such a powerful post, and such exquisite pictures. I adore the anticipatory smile in the first, your beautiful bottom in the second and om my god those stockings with your dark hair in the third! I know what you mean about the taking on behaviors and pleasures of the deceased beloved. My passion for lingerie and wearing dresses has only developed since mum passed – I never understood it while she was alive, and the BDSM well I sort of knew but didn’t know what my late brother did and was always a bit wary about it. I’m still wary but I’m much more open to it.
    Thanks for sharing *hugs* (my computer doesn’t do emoj’s it’s only when I’m on the ipad that I can do that.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Indie! 🙂 All these words you address to me are kinder, sweeter (and more flattering) than I deserve. I feel grateful, anyway, because I did not think this post could receive any praise like yours.
      About your Mom, I just can say that when a most loved person dies, their soul mixes with ours more than ever before. I ignore if Ari was right, but, what I do know is that she is in me and moves me to do things I never dared to do.
      BDSM could be a weakness both for doms and for submissive persons, but I love it. I love to surrender and give myself wholly, and if this makes me come over the best (wonderfully), I love to be weak 🙂 *Big hugs and all my best wishes* THANKS ❤ ✨ !

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you dearly 🙂 I appreciate your liking more than you imagine, because I did not think this post would be liked by anybody at all. As for your reticence, I understant it perfectly. You do not have to say anything personal (but if you ever feel like easying your mind, I would be listening; moreover if you talk about these matters that have haunted my whole life). *Hugs and Best regards* ❤ ✨

      Liked by 1 person

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