Welcome to my new snug site!

Hello, whoever you are!

This is not yet a conventional post, just a salute and an invitation to people with a cultivated taste for eroticism, in all the arts as well as in life.

Right now, the place is empty and almost all stuff is still unwrapped. But there is much space, a warm (if a bit odd) light, an ample workroom and several dark, but comfortable, dungeons underground. And I am ready; pleased to meet you; eager to try to make all of you feel snug and glad in my company. (Be reassured: aside of –or, if you want, in spite of– being rather naughty, I am good-willed and, also, I truly dislike being offensive; even less, vulgar).

Follow me in this new venture and I promise to give you frankness, open-mindedness and, probably, some beauty worthy to behold. Just wait till I get started.

*Kisses* –  Lixie 💜


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Come closer to play – Bind me and enter


Lixie  🐞 🌷


21 thoughts on “Welcome to my new snug site!

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  2. Wonderful image Lixie, I love the gentleness of the blue filter smoothing over flesh. And congratulations on your new site I love the artwork and the deep red background. I tried to follow but wordpress is being difficult about my email just now and I need someone with more technical expertise to assist me on this (its not just your site) Seeing you lots of online love and wishing you success in your lovely Snug site…
    Indie *hugs* and lots of other good things

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    • Thank you dearly, Indie, dear! 💛 💚 💙 💜
      I’m glad to have got my very first comment (sweet as it is) here. I appeciate it much, because I’m quite alone and web-depending now 🙂
      I’ve issues with WordPress now as well (cannot log in from my phone, etc…)
      I do really enjoy your “love and lots of other things” you sent to me ❤ ✨ Love your openness and boldness, and, OK, I take them: it’s a deal 😉


    • Hi 🙂 It should be since a few persons are already following the blog… I will check it up now (certainly the blog is still in construction!)
      I thank you a lot for your interest, ktz2 ❤ ✨!
      Best Regards!!
      (Will contact you as soon as I know what’s happening about this issue)

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  3. Although I’m a straight female, I’m interested & inspired to see people, a transgender in your case, actively pursuing the life they want for their happiness ! Even though it’s through cyberspace from halfway around the world, it doesn’t diminish my positive feelings about it.

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    • Awww This is truly kind of you ! I appreciate it very much indeed ❤ ✨. Probably, happiness is a word too big for me and my life, but I do pursue peace, acceptance and well-being –like everybody else 🙂 –. Trans-friendly persons are a blessing for us, everywhere, especially when many of us are quite compelled to work in the fringes of well-accepted society, or even beyond.

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    • Pleased to meet you again, after some time, bro 🙂 !
      But, humm… do not look too closely at the pic, and there is no need either: it’s just a bum and a concise declaration of my basic principles 🙂
      Hope you’re fine — I’m quite down and worn out lately, but life goes on.

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            • I do hope you get perfectly well soon, bro. 💜 !
              BTW, Take care much care here in the US, if you are still working in a school :/ It seems it is becoming as dangerous as being in the battlefront !

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              • You got that right…..the president, and I use that term loosely, suggested teachers start arming themselves in the classroom, and this week alone there have been two incidents of teachers being the ones to shoot up the place. Nobody was killed or injured, but we are now seeing the stability of even the adults in schools. My week has been quiet, as EVERY teacher in the entire state of West Virginia is on strike for improved healthcare. Schools in all 55 counties have been closed for almost a week. Tomorrow will be day 5……

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                • Augghh. I’m aware you are having a tough time with this dangerous individual as President. Also I think that you, Americans, should reach some agreement about the adequacy of the Second Amend to the current times, if not, you’ll got all shot down by some fool or another; it’s just a matter of time :/

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                  • You’re right about that. If the Constitution were drawn up today, it wouldn’t look anything like it does now. This is what happens when a country draws up a document in response to tyrranic rule. The amendments to our constitution are not absolute by any means, but many people, including politicians, do not seem to understand that. We, as a nation have become so desensitized that even love and compassion are viewed as weaknesses. I will include that in my next WP blog entry soon. God bless, sis!!! Keep us in your prayers…..we certainly could use all we can get over here…..


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